How do I clear my RAM cache?

How do I clear my RAM cache?

Ram is cache, Ram is used by programs running on your computer so you can’t necessarily clean all of it, but you can certainly decrease usage, Doing so manually requires a lot of time, so instead, We’ll list software that can do it for you and explain the benefits of each one.

CCleaner “Freemium”

You’ve probably already heard of this software, but it deserves to be in this list, with its many years of serving it has definitely improved since the initial release.

• Portable
• Easy
• lightweight
• Variety of Windows versions
• The download page is confusing
• Installs another program unless denied

Advanced SystemCare “Free”

Mady By IOBit is an all in one system cleaner, that can get rid of junk files, and large files that you don’t use.

• All-In-One
• Modern Interface
• Advanced System Care

• Can Be Annoying With pop-ups
• Large Set-up file

BleachBit “Free”

• Open Source
• Very Lightweight
• Free
• Lacks some small features

What is Ram Cache?

Ram stands for random-access memory, it is a type of memory that can be read and changed in any order.

Why should I clear my cache?

Web developers have to constantly update the files that make up their website adding new content and optimizing it for speed so as to give you a better browsing experience.

However, these updates would not reflect in your browsing experience if your browser just keeps retrieving elements from your hard drive every time you visit the webpage. 

But it’s not that simple; if a major update has been made or sometimes even a minor one, the old elements that your browser has cached already will become obsolete and lead to errors.

For instance, you may have come across issues like runtime error or several buttons meeting on the page. 

If the error you’re facing is cost buy an obsolete cached element, which in most cases is likely is, then all you need to do is clear the cache and cookies so that your browser can download the website as a new one along with all the updates made.

This is why when you encounter problems while surfing the net, the first thing you need to do is clear your browser cache this will enable your browser load all white pages as new web pages and all updates can be effected.

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