How To Clear Cache in Firefox Mac?

How To Clear Cache in Firefox Mac?

  1. Press Firefox and select “Preferences”
  2. In the search box type “cache” and press the “Clear Data” button
  3. Select “Cache” And “Cookies” Then Press Clear
  4. To Verify, press “Clear Now”
Press Firefox and select “Preferences”
In the search box type “cache” and press the “Clear Data” button
Select “Cache” And “Cookies” Then Press Clear
To Verify, press “Clear Now”

What is Cache?

A Cache is a secret storage space that your browser keeps certain information for future use. Browser cache is usually a means to store important elements of certain web pages for future use.

In simpler terms, when you open a certain website, the website may load a bit slowly, but the second time you access the website, it loads much faster. This is because your browser was programmed to store certain elements from the website for future use.

Benefits Of Cache

This means the second time you open the website, your browser will simply go to your computer’s storage and pick these elements, then download the rest from the internet.

This makes pages load much faster and reduces your bandwidth usage.

 Elements saved on the browser cache are usually recurring elements that may appear on several web pages throughout the website.

For instance, logos or header images as well as certain plugins and java scripts.

Saving these elements in the cache eliminates the need to download them over the internet every time they are needed on a web page.

Hence the browser loads web pages much faster and less bandwidth is consumed.

Apart from the advantage of the speed and reduced bandwidth consumption, caches also have some indirect advantages for the website.

The speed ensures that the overall user experience is fluid and effortless. Internet users generally do not like to wait, and cache allows the browser to load all necessary elements in a web page in a few seconds.

Let us examine E-commerce websites for a second. If in addition to all the images of various products being loaded, elements like buy now button also needed to be loaded, it could take a few minutes to load the entire web page, this wait will negatively affect the overall user experience to a great extent.

This will, in turn, affect the income of the e-commerce website.

Cache has a few downsides but they can be easily rectified by simply refreshing the cache memory.

The process of refreshing the cache memory on your computer involves erasing all cache data from your computer.

This is done manually and can be done partially by specifying a timeframe from which cache should be cleared, or by wiping the entirety of the cache memory as the need arise.

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