How To Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge

How To Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge

All browsers have a “Caching System”. Cache is used to speed up the performance of your browser, but can sometimes get corrupted and start displaying elements incorrectly, most of the time the problem is in the cache and in order to fix the issue you would need to clear the cache on your Microsoft Edge browser with the steps below.

Clear Cache:

1. Press the 3-dots on the right of your search bar
2. Select History, or alternatively “Ctrl+H”
3. Tap “Clear history”
4. Select “Cached data and files” then press “Clear”

Why Do We Need Cache In Browsers?

Cache is important because it improves the efficiency of data retrieval. as it is much faster to get data from your pc then to redownload from the web, so not only are you saving internet bandwidth but also increase the performance of your browser

Difference between Cookies and Cache.

  • A major difference between a cookie and cache lies in the functions each one serves. Cookies are used to store a user’s information as well as online activity and history while the cache helps the browser to load web pages faster.
  • Cookies enable the webserver to recognize the user and provide a more personalized browsing experience for the user, while cache helps the browser to recognize web pages that have been opened before so as to speed up the process.
  • Another difference between cookies and cache is the lifespan. Cookies have a time-frame after which they expire, while cache has to be cleared manually, else they remain on your computer indefinitely.

The cookies and cache are both essential tools in optimizing your browsing experience, and although they play distinct roles, each role is directed towards a single goal, which is to make sure you have a great time surfing the net.

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