What Does Clearing Cache Do?

What Does Clearing Cache Do?

Before Explaining “What Does Clearing Cache Do?” We Need To Understand “What Is Browser Cache?”

Browser cache is a list of copies of files, photos and code temporarily or snapshots from a web site to allow visitors to load pages faster since the copy of same web elements are already saved in your cache

Browser Cache usually gives users a fast and optimized user experience, but there are a few instances of needing to clear the browser Cache.

  • Broken Website Elements
  • View The Latest Version Of The Website

Often times web developers need to make changes to the files that make up the site in order to make a change or a new feature work. If we update a file stored by your browser, it will continue to serve the previous, cached version of the file and you won’t see our most recent changes. This is when you may find browser errors such as time errors, missing buttons, glitches etc. Clearing the cache and cookies in a browser helps to fix both of these issues.

Simply put, it’s just a list of assets stored on your computer to help you speed up your browsing experience since having something from your computer (hard disk) is always faster than the internet (because of possible latency and site speed problems).

The Downside Of Clearing Cache

The only downside to deleting the browser cache is that the next time you visit the website, all data that the user might have downloaded from the internet will need to be updated again. That will make the website much slower the next time it’s reloaded as well possible additional charges on cellular data if not on WiFi.


And as you can probably tell by now, the only thing that “Clearing Cache” will do is delete temporary files used to speed up your performance, which is not harmful at all, and needs to be done in a few instances listed above

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