What happens when you clear YouTube cache?

What happens when you clear YouTube cache?

The cache is used to speed up the performance by storing bits of information that might be useful when loading the same elements on different pages.

The cache is NOT “Data” it doesn’t store your passwords, activity, etc.

The Cache is nothing but space on your disk that keeps things downloaded in case they are needed again

Clearing your cache on youtube won’t affect anything you’ve saved to your favorite videos or history as they’re not kept on your computer, but on a server elsewhere that holds Youtube’s account details.

What is Cache?

In browsers, the cache is temporary storage used to improve speed and performance by caching the data if it is ever required again since it is much faster (even in the modern days) to get data from your pc locally rather then a server, Cache saves a lot of time, particularly when you are using router, and can also help the website owner save on bandwidth.

What is the difference between cookies and cache in the browser?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a user’s computer from a given website. Cookies are used to store the user’s information in a way that the webserver would recognize the user upon their next login. The cookies enable web servers to provide the user with personalized pages based on their online activity.

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